Neuroshell Mt4 bridge

Please be aware that i want the creator also have neuroshell platform and knowledge about it.

I want to communicate between NeuroShell and MetaTrader

there are two tools to do that, provided by Wards System : DataPump and TradePump (Interop ActiveX DLLs)

Datapump gets quote, prices, volumes from MT4 DLL and send them to Neuroshell

TradePump sends orders from Neuroshell to the MT4 DLL

I need two things :

1 – Using DataPump, i need to send the informations (price, volumes) from the MT4 DLL to Neuroshell

2 – Using TradePump, I need to send orders, and informations like the trade duration and the trade amount/Positon sizing

So the scheme is :

Neuroshell -> TradePump -> DLL -> MT4

Neuroshell<- DataPump <- DLL <- MT4

I would preferably need this to be done in C++

thanks a lot

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