Realistic Financial Expectations and Possible Future Goal

I seriously can’t comprehend how some of these kids that are younger than me (I am only 24) have traded forex when they were working and McDons and now are super super rich. I have seen some of their YouTube videos as well as interviews and it is real from what I have seen. They are real people that are rich as hell.

I guess my biggest question is HOW?
I have aprox. $1,500 personal cash in an account to trade with.
I can only purchase so many units or lots because of my margin of $1,500
I just can’t seem to grasp how these kids made it BIG when they couldn’t have had any more than a couple grade MAYBE. (That’s pushing it)

Realistically with trading I plan to get better and better and slowly increase the total amount of money I earn to hopefully one day be able to trade forex and not have to work a full time job.

This is my biggest goal of all time right now.
I want to live a simple life as I do now without having to work so I can spend all my time with friends/family.

Anyway not to get side tracked.

Am I missing something?
How are these kids making bank?

Hopefully someone could clear the air here 🙂

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